Proterra HeatPump (60HZ)

      With UEFs of up to 4.07, Proterra Hybrid Heat Pumps are 400% more efficient than standard electrical water heaters that are currently available in market. The high efficiency can also lead to overall 75% reduction in energy costs. Our commitment to providing innovative solutions has led us to develop and bring this new Hybrid Heat Pumps lineup that redefines comfort, efficiency, and sustainability. In response to the unique demands of the region, we've engineered this series to set new industry standards that offers an array of benefits. Some key highlights of the new Hybrid Heat Pumps include:
      • UEF up to 4.07
      • Available in 50 and 80-Gallon capacities
      • Integrated Wi-Fi
      • Five different operation modes
      • Smart EcoNet® controller
      • Leak detection system
      • Auto shut-off valve
      • High ambient operating temperature
      Product codes for 50 Gallons HHP : PROPH50 T2 RH375-SO
      Product code for 80 Gallons HHP : PROPH80 T2 RH375-SO
      Link to download the presentation,catalogs and other marketing assets can be accessed here : Proterra With the introduction of our new Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater lineup, we're committed to serving you with unmatched dedication and expertise. Your satisfaction with our productsremains our top priority. Thank you for being a part of our mission to redefine comfort and innovation

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