Symphony Inverter Minisplit series

    • FAST COOLING No more annoying sound from sudden speed change. A DC inverter air-conditioner works at an extra-quiet mode to ensure you a good sleep.
    • LOW TEMPERATURE HEATING Keep you warm even when the outdoor temperature is as low as -15°C. The high frequency of the DC inverter air-conditioner enables the compressor to operate at various speed, which can be applied to different environments and ambient temperatures.
    • WIDE VOLTAGE RANGE START-UP Available in most areas in the world. In a DC Inverter air-conditioner, voltage and current of the motor are controlled to ensure high efficient operation and reduce vibration. The air-conditioner can operate within the voltage range of 165-265V, even in a place where the voltage is not stable or too low.
    • SUPER QUIET The air conditioner can be very quiet.
    • HIGH EFFICIENCY Larger air inlet and outlet and optimized duct system largely increases its efficiency and saves energy consumption.
    • I FEEL The in-built additional temperature sensor in the remote controller monitors the surrounding temperature. Therefore, the air-conditioner can adjust the room temperature more accurately and provide extra comfort to users.
    • ECO By activating the ECO mode, the air conditioner will automatically work in the most efficient and energy - saving way, while maintaining the most comfortable experience in the living room.
    • SMART AIR FLOW In cooling mode, the cool air blows towards the ceiling to provide shower style cooling experience. In heating mode, the warm air blows towards the floor to provide blanket-style heating experience.
    • INNER-GROOVED COPPER TUBES With the high quality inner-grooved copper, the thermal conductivity is significantly improved by 20-30% more than that of smooth tubes, because of the increased surface area of the inner copper wall.
    • VECTOR PRECISION AIR SUPPLY Various precise fixed angles of air supply can provide more comfortable choices for users.

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