Classic Plus® RW Reciprocating Series (50Hz)

    • Environment Friendly Developed with environment friendly R410A refrigerant. R410A refrigerant is highly efficient and has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of 0.
    • Super Quiet: The air conditioner can be very quiet.
    • I feel The in-built additional temperature sensor in the remote controller monitors the surrounding temperature. Therefore, the air-conditioner can adjust the room temperature more accurately and provide extra comfort to users.
    • Inner-grooved copper tube With the high quality inner-grooved copper, the thermal conductivity is significantly improved by 20-30% more than that of smooth tubes, because of the increased surface area of the inner copper wall.
    • Safety Design - No Connection Between Condensate Water & Electricity. - Fireproof Electric Control Box - BMC material is applied which creates high heat resistance & erosion resistance.
    • Leakage Detection In cooling mode, the sensor on the evaporator coil will monitor the temperature, and the system will stop operation automatically to ensure safety, if refrigerant leakage is detected. The error code will be displayed on the panel of indoor unit.
    • Sleep Mode Avoids under-cooling or over-heating while you are asleep. While set on sleep mode, the air conditioner will automatically increase set temperature 10C (ST+1 0C) 1 hour later, ST+2 0C after 1 more hour and keep the same condition after that .
    • Vector Precision Air Supply Various precise fixed angles of air supply can provide more comfortable choices for users.
    • T3 Tropical Compressor T3 Tropical Rotary compressor for high-efficiency and operation up to 52°C Rust-proof, strong corrosion resistance and excellent insulation Rust-proof technology protects the outdoor unit from corrosion and extends the system life. Prevention of water, insect and dust, with reliable electric control.
    • Flanging Processed Plate Metal The edge of metal plate is flanging processed, and the standardized wiring protect the wires from the sharp edge that might result in cutting.
    • Valve Protection Cover The Valve cover is tougher to protect the stop valve from collision and can serve as a handle as well.

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