Classic Plus® RC Cassette Series (50Hz)

    • Environment Friendly Developed with environment friendly R410A refrigerant. R410A refrigerant is highly efficient and has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of 0.
    • Scroll Compressor Scroll compressors have fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors, which, operate more smoothly, quietly, and reliably than conventional compressors.
    • Anti-rust and Long Life Span The outdoor unit is made of galvanized sheet and treated with special cataphoric crafts. Optimized Air-outlet Grill 1. Optimised air flow increases the air volume
      2. Increases the efficiency of heat exchange
    • New Panel Design The newly designed porcelain white is beautiful and elegant, making the panel easily blend with the ceiling color.
    • 360° Air Flow Comfortable and even air supply all around the room.
    • Ultra Low Noise Adapting 3D spiral blade design decreases the air supply resistance resulting in ultra low noise.
    • Three Mode Fan Speed L/M/H three mode speed setting for comfortable air supply.
    • Super Slim BodyIndustry leading slim body (230mm), can be installed in narrow ceiling as well.
    • Built-in drain pump Cassette with built-in drain pump, can lift water up to 750mm which is convenient for installation and improves drainage efficiency.
    • LED Digital Display Real-time operating temperature and error code is clearly displayed.
    • High efficiency and comfortable More than 10% above UAE/Oman/Qatar/Bahrain energy efficiency standards
    • High efficiency hydrophilic aluminum fin The louvered hydrophilic aluminum foil has at least 10% more heat exchanging efficiency than the ordinary light aluminum foil under the same area, which reduces water & wind resistance.
    • High-effective Outdoor Fan Advanced 3D propeller enlarges the air volume and reduces the noise level.
    • Inner grooved copper tube The selected highly slim inner grooved copper tube has at least 10% more heat exchanging efficiency than the conventional one.
    • Low Ambient Mode * 1. Low ambient kit cooling in winter at min -10°C
      2. Two fan speed of ODU fan motor, 3dB(a) can be reduced in low speed.
    • Wi-Fi Control* Based on Rheem’s cloud wed system and with the android system platform a wifi module is provided in the air conditioners to achieve different functions through terminals(mobile phone, iPad and computer) for easy and visualized operation.
    • *Optional feature

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