Prestige SAVR-C Series

Prestige SAVR-C Series

      Product Range
    • Mini-VRF: 3.5HP , 4HP, 5HP
    • Modular VRF: 8 HP, 10HP, 12HP, 14HP, 16HP

    • All Inverter / Precise control
      Rheem VRF comes with DC inverter compressor and provides high-efficiency and large cooling capacity. It also enables stepless regulation of capacity.
    • DC fan motor ensures stepless regulation of airflow volume.
    • Dual EXV with by-pass valve confirms for stepless regulation of refrigerant flow.
    • The system also comes with high precision pressure and temperature sensor.
    • These features provides precise room temperature control & increased reliability
      Variable Evaporating Temperature
      Variable Evaporating Temperature technology enables system to run in three modes.
    • Turbo Mode for Faster cooling,
    • High efficiency mode for lower energy consumption.
    • Alternatively, basic mode to balance between comfort and efficiency.

    • Enhanced Sub-cooling
      Specially designed condenser tubing routing ensures maximum sub cooling of liquid refrigerant, which further is cooled by Plate Heat Exchanger. Increased sub cooling improves cooling performance at high ambient temperature.
      Rapid Cooling/Heating (Heat Pump)
      This feature enables quicker pull down and increased comfort.
      Wide Temperature range
      Rheem’s VRF works satisfactorily in scorching Gulf climate with outside temperature being as high as 56 ° Centigrade. This has been tested by reputed third party labs.
      Long piping capability
      Long piping capability makes the system suitable for a variety of applications.
    • Max. Total piping length: 1000m
    • Max. Actual piping length: 240m
    • Max. piping length from 1st indoor branch to the farthest indoor unit: 40m
    • Max. Level difference between outdoor units: 5m
    • Max. Level difference between indoor units: 30m
    • Max. Level difference between ODU and IDU units: 110m

    • Auto Refrigerant Charging
      Auto Refrigerant Charging makes commissioning easier by ensuring precise amount of refrigerant charged in the system.
      This function eliminates chances of human error & reduces commissioning time.
      Self-diagnosis (Engineering Mode)
      ODU engineering mode checks the operating state and shows the corresponding error code if the system is not functioning normally. This assists in easy commissioning and saves service time and cost.
      Compression Ratio Control
    • Real-time monitoring the compression ratio
    • The output of compressor and the EXV open degree can be regulated precisely to optimize the compression ratio

    • This increases compressor’s reliability in High ambient, saves service cost & provides uninterrupted cooling.
      Auto dust removal
      Auto dust removal function with reversible fan is extremely useful in desert conditions, saving time and cost of service.
      Auto Backup Mode
      For a combined system: If one outdoor unit fails because of electrical faults, the system will enter back-up operation mode automatically and continue running for a certain time.
      Auto Pump down
      In case of servicing requirement, refrigerant from piping and Indoor units can be pumped down to Outdoor unit saving refrigerant cost and recommissioning time.
      Durable Components
      Rheem VRF is equipped with components from renowned global brands. Durable parts make the system reliable in varying weather and load conditions ensuring uninterrupted cooling. Durable components further ensure cost efficiency and minimal maintenance.
      Refrigerant Cooled PC Board
      Rheem VRF comes with refrigerant cooled electronic boards to ensure optimal working temperature for longer life and less maintenance. Refrigerant cooling arrangement enables system to work at ambient temperature of up to 56°C.

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