• Electric boosters are designed to fit under counters and deliver sanitizing rinse water for all stationary rack and conveyor type commercial dishwashers
    • System Sentinal™ provides a ­diagnostic panel with LEDs that correspond to the number, location and status of each element
    • Long Life Tank Design of proprietary steel formulation with a unique coat of high temperature porcelain enamel to maximize corrosion resistance resulting in a superior tank design.
    • Long Life Separate screw-in type immersed elements feature a Nichrome wire filament, embedded in magnesium oxide sealed in a copper tube to resist water chemical corrosion
    • Integral fusing for each element.
    • Two (2) magnesium anodes are installed in each tank for maximum corrosion resistance.
    • Single Panel Control Box with hinged stainless steel door that provides immediate access to all electrical components and elements.
    • Manual reset high limit control
    • UL Listed terminal blocks for simplicity of installation. The terminal block will accept either copper or aluminum field connect wire.
    • CSA/ASME Rated T&P Valve
    • Raises preheated or cold water to 180° F rinse temperature for compliance with UL sanitation (NSF5)
    • Hot outlet and cold inlet are 1-1/4" NPT dielectric nipples which prevent excessive turbulence of heated water and results in optimum tank draw.
    • 6 kW through 54 kW
    • Immersed Copper Heating Elements
    • 10 gallon capacity

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