EA14 + SPRL (60Hz)

    • Smart AIRFLOW : Multiple Air flow Options.
    • Cooling Comfort even in Extreme Weather:Operating up to 52 degrees C ambient.
    • Complete Peace of Mind :The indoor unit is coated with thick powder coat paint,which enhances system life.
    • High Energy Efficiency for more Power Savings : High Efficiency Units 13 EER.
    • Easy Installation :The installation-friendly low height design ensures installation even in tight spaces.
    • Introducing Quick Serviceability Features : 35 % less screws.
    • Longevity with Aluminum mesh filter : Aluminum mesh filter lasts longer compared to the conventional plastic mesh filters.
    • Continuous Savings for your benefit : Easy maintenance features ensures quick fixing of issues and reducing the overall maintenance cost.
    • Air -Conditioning Solution for your benefits : Filter Drier.
    • Protection even in extreme weather : Additional protection for Compressor in high-ambient temperatures.
    • Long-Piping for a variety of Applications : Total Piping up to 45m allows unit installation on the rooftop.
    • Longevity with metallic louver jacket : Sturdy Metallic Jacket ensures Coil protection , metal fan and fan guard.
    • Air-Conditioning Comfort beyond your expectation : North American Scroll Compressor.
    • Higher Protection from Corrosion : 1000 Hrs. salt spray tested sheet metal.
    • Welcome to a new level of technology : Service trays and easy handling.
    • Superior Features for your Comfort : Vertical Air-Discharge.

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