The Big 5 Saudi Exhibition

THE BIG 5 SAUDI exhibition, held from March 9 to 13, 2019, was a reflection of KSA’s commitment to development, sustainability and innovation. Spread over a sprawling 17580 sq. metres, THE BIG 5 SAUDI, now having completed its ninth edition, saw more than 300 exhibitors and a staggering 14000+ visitors, at the Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events.

Said to be the ideal meeting place for construction professionals to network and have fruitful interactions with industry peers and experts, learn about new trends and innovations, witness the launch of new product innovations from local as well as international leaders in the construction industry, The Big 5 Saudi is a successful aggregator of global construction expertise for four days of product research, discovery and real business.

TThe GCC region has billions of dollars worth of building projects currently underway in the GCC region, in the fields of Residential, Commercial, Hotel, Retail, Medical and Educational facilities. Consequently, the construction sector is currently witnessing a boom, with increased market demand for MEP Services that contribute to Development as well as stay committed to Sustainability and Innovation. The key to achieving Saudi Vision 2030 is to educate and empower construction professionals, and The Big 5 SAUDI succeeded at doing just that.

There were 80 workshops conducted and chaired by industry professionals from across the globe and covered themes like Project Management, General Construction, Sustainability, Use of Solar Energy, Smart Cities, HVAC R, Urban Design, Emerging role of Women in Construction. The prestigious event saw many senior government officials and delegates from the Chambers of Commerce and Industry from the GCC region, along with top-management from leading construction and MEP companies, world-wide.

Rheem-MEA too was a key presence at the event, along with Rheem’s distributor in KSA, United Yousef M. Naghi Co. Ltd. Speaking at the event, Mr. Mohammad Mabsout, Rheem’s Regional Market Manager for KSA, stressed Rheem’s commitment to Sustainability. Rheem is well-known for its products that are highly-efficient as well as use renewable sources of energy like Solar Energy, so as to minimise depleting of the earth’s finite resources of Non-renewable Energy. The Rheem product range consistently has EER that exceed regulations.

The Rheem Stall displayed the latest Rheem range of Air-conditioners, including

  • Classic Plus® EL3T+EA14, Ducted Type Air Conditioner is a complete system made in North America. Its low height air handler offers a Convertible Return Air arrangement, providing Enhanced Flexibility & Space Saving in restricted spaces.
  • Classic Plus® EH1T+EA14 Ducted Type Air Conditioner , also completely made in North America, with Top Discharge Condensing Unit.
  • The EA14 Top Discharge Condensing Unit with a North American Scroll Compressor, offers Corrosion-resistant Cabinets, Sturdy Metallic Louver Jacket that protect the coil from Sand and Debris, ensuring a longer equipment life. Bottom Access to Filter and Electricals connections saves servicing time and cost while Long Piping Capability up to 45m allows Rooftop unit installation, ensuring customer Privacy during service engineer visits.
  • Prestige® SLKL-B Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners: With a Sturdy Metallic Louver Jacket to ensure protection from Sand and Debris and a North American Scroll Compressor that offers longer equipment life. Side to Bottom Convertible Return and Supply air arrangement ensures Enhanced Flexibility & Space Saving in restricted spaces, while the Slide out Drain Pan makes it easy to service.
  • Prestige® SSPM Rooftop Packaged Type Air Conditioner: Made in North America, with full louver coil protection that ensures longer equipment life.

These customer-friendly features and innovations make the Rheem range of Air Conditioners the product-of-choice for the GCC region.

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