Rheem’s AC units dazzle at ADNEC

Brand new split wall-mount series launched at the event, has an EER of 11.8

Rheem, a global manufacturer in heating, cooling, and water heating products, launched one of its new air-conditioning wall-mount units at FGB’s National Housing Loans Exhibition, held at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, from 13th to 17th December last year. One of the principles of this exhibition is to assist in the ongoing efforts of the management of FGB’s National Housing in development and modernization so as to aid Emiratis and expatriates in building their homes. The exhibition facilitated the meeting with organizations that specialize in architectural design, decoration, building contracting, and other relevant functionalities.

Atlanta-headquartered Rheem played its part by launching a new series wall-mounted air-conditioning units. This Thailand-manufactured R410A series has an EER of 11.8. The series afforded some great features such as dehumidification, energy-saving mode, quiet operation, and self-diagnosis among others. It has a smart feature that utilizes the mini sensor in the remote controller that can sense its surrounding temperature and transmit the signal to the indoor unit to adjust the airflow and temperature accordingly. In case of power shutdown, its Auto Restart feature allows for automatic restart with the previous settings when the power resumes. It has a timer function that turns the air conditioner ON or OFF automatically within a 24-hour period. The “Turbo” button on the remote controller can be pressed to allow a larger air flow. This enables the indoor temperature to reach the set temperature in a shorter period of time.

Besides this, Rheem has the existing line of its much coveted Thailand – Mexico wall-mount mini-split series. These units boast an EER of 13 and has a Pearl 2 rating as per Estidama standards. Although competitors are devising invertor models to achieve a similar high EER, Rheem is currently the only brand whose products reach an EER of 13 with a fix speed compressor. These units support piping of up to 45 m vertically and 90 m in total, which allows them for use in high-rise buildings; furthermore, their metallic jacket can withstand high-ambient temperatures, which makes such units ideal for the harsh gulf climate.

In the Middle East, Rheem has been in service for over 30 years with more than one million ton of air-conditioning products installed. Rheem’s product portfolio includes the following: full range of direct expansion air-conditioning solutions such as rooftop package units, ducted units, and decorative splits; advanced integrated air-conditioning, heating and water heating energy saving and comfort systems; full range of water heating products including electric tank and tank-less water heaters (electric and gas), boilers, heat-pump water heaters, and solar-powered water heating solutions.


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