Classic SDFB-CTCxxxN01 Series (50Hz)

    • Turbo Cooling maximizes cooling output, so room temperature can quickly reach the set level.
    • Multi-variable flow speeds ensure more precise control and a more comfortable breeze.
    • The filter can be easily detached to be cleaned as and when required.
    • High quality inner-grooved copper increases the surface area of the inner copper wall, significantly improving thermal conductivity.
    • The remote cannot be operated when locked, preventing accidental usage by children.
    • If the unit stops unexpectedly due to a power cut, the AC unit will automatically restart in the previous mode, once power is restored.
    • Simple 88 display clearly indicates the indoor unit setting temperature.
    • Once abnormal operation or part failure happens, the unit will automatically shut off to protect the system. Meanwhile, it will indicate protection or error code for diagnosis.
    • The AC can be easily controlled by pressing the 'Manual' button.
    • The fan continues to run at low speed after the AC unit is switched off from cooling or dehumidifying mode to ensure the indoor unit remains dry and to prevent mold formation.

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